The Britney Spears Experience

The morning it all began, I had to take in my car for service. Boden and I waited patiently for the fine gentlemen at Master Pontiac GMC to finish servicing my vehicle. It was taking a little longer than I had anticipated and I can only entertain a two year old for so long, so I used my female clout. The GM was happy to oblige my request of a vehicle.

He drove up and apologized for the vehicle, but it seemed that most of there picks were low on gas. It was a Pontiac, but sporty! I couldn’t help thinking that the GM, who is just the nicest guy ever and had no children of his own, had picked a very bad car for a mother.

I latched in the car seat and off we went to the gym. Boden’s comments were, “Mommy, we’re in a car.” He giggled with amusement adding, “It’s cool.” “Do you like it, Boden.” “I like it.” It was fun to drive a sports car after many years.

Fortunately, weather was on our side and suppressing my neurotic thoughts of a tractor trailer t-boning us from out of nowhere decided I would entertain my son and drive with the top down. “Watch this, Boden.” His eyes widened with amazement at the moving ceiling and laughed the way he had laughed when he discovered a tv in our friend’s Tahoe. It was such an exciting experience for him. “I love the top down, Mommy. It’s fun.”

My first real Britney Spears experience riding in a convertible with my two-year-old in the back.  I was just like here minus a pink wig, Starbuck’s, money, and paparazzi. I pretended that all the afternoon traffic was my paparazzi. Britney would be so proud. 


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