Reflection on a drive from last years holidays

Last year we decided to go to the Lights of the South with two other families. Boden was one and really not interested and Brian was 37 and not really interested. 

We decided we would torture ourselves by meeting at McDonald’s before going to BFE to see some rednecks’ Christmas light hobby, because we just love the echo of children’s screams in the indoor playground. 
On the drive to McDonald’s, Brian was in the front passenger seat talking to his buddy, Murph on the cellphone. It was cold out, but for some reason my window was cracked. This was very bad for me, because all of a sudden there is this thud at my window and something brushes against my hair and face. WTF! Did some redneck through something out of their window and it hit me! I had this feeling that there was something in my car and not only was it in my car, but it was resting in between my legs. Brian was chatting away as I timidly reached up to turn on the interior lights. My one-year-old precious boy was sweetly sitting in the backseat, so remember that as I tell you what was lying in between my legs. So, the light goes on and I look down. GASP! and a huge inhale of trying to compose myself. 
I looked over at my husband who is talking golf to his bestfriend, “Brian!”
“Oh, hold on Murph. Dear, open your window.”
Frantically, I open my window and I don’t know what to do with my hands. I’m driving my family, so I have to have at least one hand on the wheel and one to reach for hand sanitizer to slather all over my whole being. 
“Yeah, okay I’m back. A bat flew into the car.”
And there I was left to deal with my own horror while Brian went back chatting and Boden is oblivious. That thing touched my hair and face! It was in my lap! WTF! 
Would you want this in your lap?!

One thought on “Reflection on a drive from last years holidays

  1. The funniest part is that you were SO calm relaying this in the indoor torture gym. My nerves were already shot, for obvious reasons… then the bat thing. I still don’t roll down my window at night. There wasn’t even alcohol involved. Mistake.

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