10 Things I learned from my trip to Michigan

1. 15 hour long drive with my father and two-year-old son is too long. You can catch up in about an hour.

2. That GOD for portable DVD players.
3. People who live in the snow belt should wax in that environment, because the day you shave your legs and go out in the cold the leg hair will shoot back out like Wolverine’s bone claws.
4. There isn’t much to do when you are trapped in doors and now realize why alcoholism is rampant in the snow belt.
5. Sarcasm and dry humor is genetic.
6. Thank God I live in the South and do not have to shovel a driveway, have my car rust out because of salted roads, and snow is an anomaly and a blessing from God that awards us with a day off from work.
7. You do not go to Detroit.
8. How to play Euchre. It is a fun card game.
9. Rednecks exist outside of the South they just sound have different accents.
10. I have an accent? No, you have an accent. Nu-uh, you have an accent. 

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