Daddy Long Leg Lashes

Ladies. May I present to you the most amazing mascara ever, L’Oreal’s Double Extend Tube Mascara. 

Typically, a two step process of mascara is a turn off simply because I’m lazy and don’t like the extra effort.  However, this particular mascara is well worth the preparation. It is durable, can make your eye lashes touch the top of your head, and has a little extra surprise.
First step is putting on the primer, which is white and you may think that this is making you look a little like Powder. Let me suggest to you that it is crucial during step one to consider how long you want your tubes to extend your lashes. If you want them to scrape your sunglasses, then wait until the first layer is dry and reapply the primer. 
Second step, is the typical mascara side and you just make sure you darken all the white spider legs you’ve just created. 
Now I must tell you that this stuff has super powers. It does not smudge and doesn’t even come off with eye make-up remover. It is like cement on your eyelids, but comes with with warm water. 
Warning: You remember all those spider legs that we just talked about? Well, once that warm water hits it literally looks like millions of spider legs on your face and all over your hands. I freaked out the first time: one because it wouldn’t come off with eye makeup remover and it clearly is eye makeup and two “WHATTHEHELL! MY EYELASHES ARE FALLING OUT!” 
I recommended this to my friend Ashley and deliberately did not tell her how the tubes dislodge from one’s eye lashes. I just knew this would be a possible deal breaker as she is neurotic about so many things. She claims she can’t wait to wash her face, because that was her favorite part. 
Okay, now check out the difference between my right and left eye. Eh? What did I tell you?


One thought on “Daddy Long Leg Lashes

  1. My neuroses are why you love my guts, bitch. AND I would never lay false claim to my absolute adoration of this mascara. Although, I have had nightmares that I would forget/get distracted by the Princess Half-Pint’s demands and forget the last step. Thus, go in to work with white eyelashes. On second thought….

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