Kitchen Nuggets

I had to move out of the kitchen to introduce the new Electrolux washer and dryer.

This will allow to enjoy doing laundry more than washing dishes by hand. Even the men will want to do laundry. Electrolux is an awesome company that really researches the industry for appliance successes and tries to ensure those qualities in their appliances. They really are thinking of you. For instance, the doors are push to open. You’ve got a big load of laundry that is overflowing in a basket and do not have a free hand. In one butt bump your washer door is open and ready to load. Are you in a rush? No problem, with the 18 minute wash cycle for smaller loads. Got wrinkles? No problem, there is a steam cycle. Wave touch will intrigue the techie guy in your life. The washer has 22 different cycles and a 4.7cu. ft capacity. The dryer is a whopping 8.0 cu. ft capacity. These appliances are energy efficient too using less amounts of water and electricity.
If you don’t care about all the technical stuff, then just look at that happy turquoise color. 


One thought on “Kitchen Nuggets

  1. I never understood why we couldn’t get the ones like they have in Europe. The all in one machine; you put your clothes in, it washes them, then it drains and spins as a drier, genius!!

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