Sick of Being Sick

Dear infection/virus or whateverthehell is making me feel like shit,

This is your notification of eviction due immediately. Pack up your mucus and exit the body. Tell you relatives to get out of my son. His body is not a vacation spot either. 
You’ve had your stay since Christmas and it is January 19th. I do not want to cough anymore. My back hurts from coughing. I’m tired of the lack of being able to breath and hearing my son suffer the same. The inside of my head aches from your destruction of my sinuses. I have tried Zycam, nasal steroids, Mucinex, Robitussin, and Tylenol. I have tried numerous sinus cleanses and it is a gross process. 
Leave my body. Leave my son’s body. You are ruining my life. My house is a mess. My husband has been avoiding me, which I can’t understand why you making me look so sexy and all. My son had to be x-rayed. 
We went to prompt care!!!!!!! Effing prompt care!!!!!!!! Do you know how much I hate that place?!!!!!!!!!! We waited for a hour and ten minutes to be seen and to be seen by a doctor that wasn’t a MD!!!! No offense, but this guy was doing nothing to explain what was plaguing our bodies he kind of asked me what I thought I had. Huh? Excuse me Doc that is why I waited an effing hour is so YOU can tell me what the hell is wrong and stop your lectures about not having seen my son’s pediatrician and my doctor. That is why I’m paying YOU on a Saturday.
There is no more energy for me to expend on coughing, snot, fever, etc.. I need to go on with my life without you. I’ve got other fish to fry and you are pissing me off with your neediness. 

One thought on “Sick of Being Sick

  1. reminds me of the time I was at MCG with a knife stuck through my arm. They moron in the ER asked me “How bad are you bleeding?”….Really? I have a damn knife going in one side and coming out the other, go figure! They then sent me down some 3 hall ways to get to a waiting room….a waiting room? 13 stitches later and 3 hours of wasted blood that I could have donated….I have no feeling in my hand now.

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