2009 Grammys

With the battery of negative news, I turned my attention to being entertained by some of the best musicians and singers and watched the 2009 Grammy Awards. I loved it all from Coldplay to Stevie Wonder. I loved watching Paul McCartney belting out “Sweet Caroline” during Neal Diamond’s performance. It was all so good in every genre. Everything about the evening was purely entertaining until Neil Portnow’s political proclamation. We get it! You love Obama. Play the effing music white boy or get off the stage! I want to see Justin Timberlake, damn it!

So, I think I walked away with a couple things that just really stuck out in my mind. The first was the very pregnant and Swaggerin’ MIA. It could be once you are pregnant you get pregdar and notice every pregnant person. I was absolutely fascinated that she was out there trying to shake her bootie looking like she’s been caught steeling and what the hell has she got on? The polka dot and sheer ensemble was like a very gone wrong Minnie Mouse outfit. 
Pregnant women are beautiful even if they get huge, but why polka dots on the boobs, belly, and butt? All those other guys are wearing tuxedos and MIA is… I don’t know who put that on her. Maybe we can blame hormones. Never mind the guys, she was absolutely fascinating to me. Thank God she at least had sneakers on… I don’t know why we pregnant women worry so much about the well-being of other pregnant women, but it could be the hormones.
These thoughts weren’t just mine, because I swear at the end of their performance Chris Martin from Cold Play was on the edge of his seat and pointed at her and said something about her being so pregnant and doing that performance. 
The next probably isn’t that surprising, but is Kayne sporting a black man mullet or did he let his mohawk grow out? Maybe I notice hair a lot or something, but it was like he is throwing a little too much into the 80s craze. I couldn’t get a good photo from the Grammy’s, but this is one from a radio gig he did recently. 
“Billy D! Billy D!”

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