9 Weeks

My baby is the size of a grape and about an inch long. Fingers, toes, and all the other parts are formed and becoming more distinctive.  Only 31 more weeks.

A friend described pregnancy as being similar to being abducted by an alien and I tend to agree with this theory. There is a range of new powers to ones being that only occurs while your are sharing your body with another human. One of my new powers is the ability to acutely taste and smell things. If I could drink this would be quite useful with wine, but wine tastes like ethanol right now, so no future as a Sommelier for me. I did notice that Boden’s juice smelled more like pear juice and that was a turn off until I got desperate and poured myself a glass. It was good and had this kind of floury type of taste like bananas have. The ingredients: apple, pear, and banana. It turned out to be pretty good juice. How can I market this?
The other weird thing about this stage of pregnancy is the lack of ability to eat like the pig that I am. Everyone has this impression that pregnant women have the ability to eat like a competitive eater and right now it is furtherest from the truth. I can eat a handful of pretzels and feel absolutely miserable, however if I don’t eat every two to three hours I feel nauseous. I’m eagerly awaiting second trimester just to get back to eating like a pig.
The good news is that I haven’t come across a food aversion yet. There is still time, but I’m hopeful that if I just eat bland I will be okay. The last time I could see spinach in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store and my mouth would water in anticipation of vomiting.
Boden does not know that his world will be shared with a new addition. He is dealing with me and my lack of energy and talks about going to school. I feel pretty guilty about the whole situation. He is still sweet. He told me the other day that he was a big boy and then said I was big too. Thanks, son.

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