I want to go to there

If you have been reading or personally know me, then you know that my husband has gone to the southern hemisphere on a work trip to South Africa. Since I’m pregnant, I’m not bothered that I’m missing out on potentially contracting malaria or being away from Boden for 10 days. I’m extremely jealous of summer. We haven’t been on a vacation in two years and I’m getting beach fever. In particular, I’m yearning for the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever enjoyed in the Abaco Islands. 

You can do a little work on the island or rather in a boat doing some fishing. This is a picture that I found of some random people who went fishing with the same guide, Robert Lowe, but the fish look like the ones our guys caught. We’re talking a plethora of big ass fish is what they brought back. 

This is me and my friend Stacy on our rented boat enjoying the beautiful day. 
Tahiti Beach I really want to go to there. This is just the sweetest beach I’ve ever been to in my whole entire life. It was like swimming in bath water with clear aqua waters and white beaches. There aren’t big waves. It is just a place to loll about and do jack shit. You can park your boat and just jump into the water. It is shallow for a while and if you are brave you can swim out and snorkel. I’m good on the beach.
This is a photo of Captain Jacks. We played trivia there hoping to win our tab. No luck, but the Kalik beer and food was awesome. There were many other yummy places to eat that you could get to by boat, golf cart, or foot. I could not get enough of the grouper sandwiches and conch fritters. What is really cool about the area is that the party goes from place to place each night, so there is always something. You can even go to Sunday brunch at Nippers. This place had some of the best BBQ that I’ve ever stuck in my mouth and the best people watching: thongs, banana hammocks, and some stuff you would see on Spring Break. 
I’m going to zone out now and pretend that I’m at our rental house, The Calypso.

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