Valentine’s Day

Brian has been in South Africa for over a week and isn’t due back until Monday. Boden is sick of hanging out with me and me him. I love him to pieces, but there is a distinctive generational difference. The fact that he has rules that I place on him also drives a small wedge, but thank God he has a short attention span. I am on and off feeling sick and it makes me tear up when Boden says that he’s lost his Daddy.

Oh, but it was Valentine’s Day. A very special day of love and I’m beginning to believe that it is just another day for the retail sector to make money off the suckers, but I suppose we should be reminded of all the people in our lives who give us love and help us to love others. 
I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to first have breakfast with my father and his wife Debbie at the Cracker Barrel. Pregnancy aside, I love to eat. I also later had dinner or most of it with my good friend, Ashley and her daughter Eva. I say most of it because the kitchen was backed up and we had to ask for our dinner to go, because our children were having meltdowns and scaring the couples who were trying to have a romantic dinner. We wouldn’t want to scare the in love couples out of having sex later on. It just wouldn’t be fair. 
It was just nice enough to hear, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy.”

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