Winter Snow warning creates gym frenzy

WTF! Can I tell you just how much I love those three letters, because they are so useful and keep me from dropping the literal f-bomb. 

It has been raining non-stop since Friday and yesterday the warning was out for a bunch of snow. What happens in the lovely South, since we do not have plows and those big salt igloos (I noticed them on my trip to Michigan this year), people will first run to the grocery and by milk, bread, and chili ingredients. Then after the fridge and pantry is stocked the schools out of fear of harming children will shut down the schools without actually seeing a snow flurry in their area. 
It snows in this area once every couple of years and it hardly is anything to fart about. So, they shut down Columbia County Schools, which means that Boden’s daycare is shut down, which means that I cannot go to work, and I’m home and it is a beautiful sunny, snowless, cold day. Ladies and gentlemen we got not a single flurry last night as the news predicted and the schools were closed for no apparent reason. Way to go! Ppprrrt!
I do not want to stay inside and rot any longer. We have been inside since Friday, because of non-stop I think I want to start collecting a male and female of every animal type rain. Boden and I go to the gym. This not unusual occurrence for us. 
Let me just preface that I go to the gym, because it makes me feel good mentally and physically and it allows me to eat larger portions of food. I encourage everyone to be healthy. 
However, WTF are all these people doing at the gym at this hour of the day? It is cold and school is cancelled, so you come to the gym at a different time. Sigh…. Not even the cool kids after school room with that dancing game is open then and your kids do not want to hang out with the babies and toddlers. You should have seen all those kids in the nursery. I felt sorry for the ladies watching all those ankle biters. The whole gym was a zoo. I even considered starting back at 6am with the business crowd. (Yes, I used to go to the gym that early.)
It really ticked me off. Kind of like the mad rush in January of new gym members. I just want to scream out to them that “75% of ya’ll are going to quit,” but since I’m not one of the six o’clocker’s anymore and don’t have to wait on the showers and hairdryers in order to get my ass to work isn’t priority, I chilled out a bit.
I almost turned around when I found out that the drink machine was broken and waiting on a part. Sigh, I deliberately raided my husband’s change jar just so I could buy my Dasani. 

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