12 Weeks and growing

I turned 12 weeks pregnant this Tuesday. My baby in my belly (so reminds me off Fat Bastard from Austin Powers) is now 2 inches big and my OBGYN should now be able to feel my fundus. Sounds like something good doesn’t it? FUN-dus. Nope, it is just the top of my uterus. 

Gee whiz it is so much fun being pregnant: the sour stomach, the slow digestion effects, getting up to pee in the middle of the night, the deterioration of normal brain activity, and now the constriction of clothes that were once comfortable.

I am embarrassed to say that I had to change my normal jeans and opt for the expandable maternity jeans that are made out of super stretch denim and have the WWE stretchy band at the top. Oh, so sexy I feel. Not to mention the fact that as I was writing this I realized that my shirt was on inside out. Thanks for depleting my brain activity so much that I did not notice that I put my shirt on inside out, baby. I go out of the house with my shirt inside out and thankfully was wearing a jacket. The jeans are a bit large, but I do not feel like there is an anaconda around my waste.
So many more weeks to look forward to…

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