Kitchen Nuggets

Unfortunately, this is going to be a bit of a rant. To me, if the kitchen is dirty then the whole house is dirty. It is one of those things that make me feel better is having my kitchen clean.

Many people secure the “if I cook then you clean” deal. That is only fair if the other person is doing their end on the cleaning. My husband and I have a differing of opinions when it comes to standards of cleanliness and functionality of the dishwasher. However bitchy this sounds, I am truly grateful for the help cleaning. 
This is a list of things that a husband, boyfriend, or friend can do to help out in the kitchen.
1. Unless we invest in the Maytag dishwasher with built-in disposal, then you must first rinse the dishes before loading it. I know dishwasher are supposed to clean and the extra scraping and rinsing is a pain, but I really hate to run the dishes through again, because of food residue. 
2. There are starving kids all over the world, so wrap it up for left overs.
3. Maybe dishwashers should come with a how to load class. I don’t care if the job of the dishwasher is supposed to clean the dishes. It does matter if you chuck everything in there and it can’t spray the dish. Not only does it matter how you load to ensure getting all the dishes clean, but it is equally important to maximize your load.
4. The hand washed dishes after being cleaned have homes and it isn’t on top of the stove.
5. Part of cleaning the kitchen is also wiping down the counters. When coffee, sugar, wine, breadcrumbs, and God knows what else is spilled on the counter do the courtesy of wiping that crap off.
6. While you are wiping the counters hit the kitchen table too.
7. Dirty sinks are disgusting. Clean that out too.
8. If the dishwasher is empty and you use a dirty dish the best thing to do is to go ahead and store that dirty spoon in the dishwasher and not at the bottom of the sink. Make sure that you aren’t putting in dirty with clean dishes too.
9. If there are things that must go into the garbage can, then be mindful of actually making sure the trash gets into the bag and doesn’t nasty up the parts that aren’t sent to the dump like clumps of leftovers sticking to the lid of the trash can. This only means going and cleaning the can, so it doesn’t get funkier.
10. Whatever wife cooks it is good to eat period. Do not hesitate to try to secure a babysitter and take her out every once and a while on a one-on-one date. It could open the door to sex later on. 

One thought on “Kitchen Nuggets

  1. As a husband myself, I dont mind helping out cleaning up the kitchen, unless my wife doesnt work and doesnt have kids and stays at all doodling all day 😮-Jack @ < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Discontinued China<>

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