Deal or No Deal

My son Boden is quite a character. He is now showing signs of potentially being a force to reckon with in his teenage years. He is perceptive, charismatic, and has a quick sense of humor.

Last night we got home from dinner and I was carrying him back to his bedroom to get his pj’s on and he seemed very tired. This is our conversation:
ME: Boden are you tired? Do you want to go to bed?
BODEN: I’m tired. I want to go to Mommy’s bed.
ME: WHAT?! Mommy’s bed?
BODEN: That’s the deal. (Pointing his finger for effect.)
ME: That’s the deal? I don’t deal with two-year-olds. I make the deals.
BODEN: I get to go to Mommy’s bed and I get one show. That’s the deal. One show in Mommy’s bed.
ME: Who taught you how to deal?
There is good and bad to this. The good is that in his adult life he will be a good business man. The bad is he is going to be hell on wheels and I’m going to go prematurely gray.
My grandfather used to tell me that 95% of the world is bullshit and 5% is knowing how to spread it. If your spreader is broke, then your in trouble. Boden seems to be exercising his spreader just fine.

One thought on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Bo has always been a kid after my heart. He knows what he want when he wants and how it wants it. Face it Rach there is nothin you can do about it not now not ever. he will give you the look that melts your soul and honey we all give in then

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