To pee or not to pee

Boden is potty training. He is lazy and not at all motivated by M&Ms, which are his reward for initiating the process and my reward for being his mother. 

This morning I woke him up, took off his sleeping diaper (or whatever it is that costs more money, but is supposed to be for night time, but not a diaper that looks and acts like a diaper), and proceeded to the bathroom.

I seriously wished I had a camera in hand to take a picture of him wearing his footie pajama’s only he had his arms in and they were fully unzipped with the legs trailing behind him like a cape. Boden was not happy being forced to disrobe in the cool of the morning and forced to walk to the potty. He voiced his contempt.
We walked into the bathroom and about a foot short of the potty the fire hose let loose on my foot, the bathroom rug, and the bathroom floor with such a force that I screamed, so not the way I want to start my morning. Boden stood with a look that had a mix of relief (it was a lot of pee) and shock of his ability.
I deserve M&Ms.

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