15 Weeks

My little Apple has grown to the size of an avocado this week. I don’t think I’m going to dub the baby, Avocado. It just doesn’t sounds “wholesome” and “sweet” like Apple, nor does it roll off the tongue easily.

It is widely known that pregnant women have super powers: super bitchy, super hair and nail growth, and a extremely sensitive nose. These powers are not necessarily benefits, but more of a curse such as a girlfriend of mine who was primping in the bathroom mirror as her husband came in to pee. She said she stopped and asked, “did you have Fruitloops for breakfast?” “Yeah.” he replied with a blank look. It isn’t the best novelty type of ability. I can only imagine later on, “can you guess what I had for lunch?”
I want to hit on the super smell. Boden is rewarded for good behavior at school with a Dum Dum sucker. The other day he received the butterscotch flavor. I’m not a huge fan and after I tell you this you may begin to think twice about it. This particular sucker smells like feet. Now, either you are saying ewe that’s gross and I’m never going to eat that or you have just taken off your socks and are breathing in the butterscotchy aroma of your tootsies. Maybe you are doing both. This will now give men the excuse to say that their sticky feet smells like candy. No, there is just candy that smells like feet. Yuck.


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