Why oh why is this happening to toilet paper holders everywhere or am I the only person on the face of the Earth who chances upon the empty roll? I am beginning to believe that there is a phobia which exists in some people who actually fear taking the empty toilet paper roll off the holder and replacing with another. This is also the case with paper towels. I have purposefully purchased a similar holder to the photo, so that it is an easy slide off the hook type of holder rather than the old school “the spring inside may be so strong that the holder will spring apart and land into the toilet” kind of which I can understand slightly being gun shy of changing the toilet paper. The latter scenario has happened to me and yet I still change the roll.


One thought on “Phobias

  1. The NEW rule in my house is if u dont replace it there will ne none the next time u go. For example my husband never puts a new roll on the holder so I have taked all toilet paper out of the bathroom and hid it. When he goes in there he is yelling at the top of his lungs that he needs to wipe his ass…SOUNDS LIKE A PROBLEM! So I then issue out just enough lol

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