20 Weeks

Kim Kardashian dressed up as an 80’s pregnant aerobics instructor. Do you think that Reggie likes the look? Apparently, American Apparel is making a play for mommies who still are trying to keep their figure, which is nearly impossible for at least me to do while my body expands and bloats to uncomfortable proportions. Can’t you just picture a group of gorilla-bellied mommas awkwardly shaking around to “She’s a maniac – MANIAC – on the floor – and she’s dancin’ like she’s never dance before…” 

The latter would be true as I forced myself to a Zumba class today at the gym. Some of you may know that I’m no stranger to dancing and I love the latin moves. As a pregnant girl, well it just doesn’t look quite the same. The only thing that kept me there was the thought of being even larger and maybe just busting out wearing a sports bra and biker shorts with my baby gut. Surely, I would make all the other gals jealous…   of my confidence.
Some men actually find pregnant women sexy. That’s nice that you feel that way after three months of us verbally abusing you. My theory is that the guy is just so hard up for some lovin’ and has never seen their woman with boobs that big. I think my husband is still scared of me. He kind of acts very similar to how he was with a new born baby: very timid and unsure, loving, but is scared that he may do something that will disrupt some force that would ultimately cause him discomfort.
Today officially marks my 20th week, which means baby is half baked. This weeks food comparison is he or she is the same length as a banana. Mmmm… banana.

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