Spider leads to vacuuming and furniture moving

Brian has been out of town since Tuesday, so my being the barefoot and pregnant atypical housewife skills have dwindled to coming home from work, putting on my pj’s and a wife beater, and dinner that involves the least amount of cooking and cleaning. 

This morning I had a little more fire in the belly… no acid reflux joke here. It all started when I decided to finally fold and put away Boden’s laundry that I started last week. I was sitting in the middle of the floor folding while Boden was sticking body parts in his newly discovered Mr. Potato Head, which he named Moody. I had just finished putting the socks away and completed my task when I saw something drop from my thigh. It was only a glimpse, but I thought it was black and then it crawled out from under the shadows and presented itself to me. To which I replied with a scream. 
Boden cries out, “It’s an ant!”  
I grabbed a wipes box and smushed it and ran for the vacuum while Boden climbed up into his chair out of the crime scene. The vacuum is slowly not becoming my friend, because I hate that it is like pushing around an elephant and my uterus responds with Braxton Hicks contractions. I had to get the vacuuming done anyway, because Shelby is loosing her hair like she is undergoing chemotherapy. 
I vacuumed the spider carcass up and proceeded to vacuum the rest of the house. I got the the living room and stopped. It is so dark in there. We have these french door window and that’s it. There is a big leather chair and a half that is blocking the bottom half of two of the windows. Hmm…
Against all pregnancy rules and vacuum momentum, I started to move the chair to my bedroom. Sliding it down the hallway was easy. It was the getting it through the bedroom door where I got the chair stuck, which resulted in me taking the door of the hinges. Damn narrow doorways!
The chair is in the room, there is more light in the living room, the vacuuming is almost done (I had to stop to eat), and the door is propped up against the wall next to the chair. I’m sure Brian will get home and hate it there.
I’m not sure if this is just my personality or nesting, because now there is so much more furniture that just seems to be crowding in this house that I’m debating putting on Craig’s List. It is either that or we will just have to move.

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