Memorial Day Weekend

How was our Memorial Day you may ask? Hmm… Memorable, because I took pictures and then I vowed to blog about it since I’ve been slack with my blog duties. 
Brian was working, so we didn’t go to the lake. It also rained most of the weekend. What is a little boy to do? Strip down naked and play in the puddle. I tried to stop the nakedness, but there was a meltdown that was about to happen if I didn’t let him rip off his pull ups. So, how do I get the upper hand? Take pictures that could potentially end up in his high school year book. I love you son!
This photo was taken after I decided to go at Shelby with her shedding saw blade thingee and Boden decided to pull a tomato off the plant on my porch and take a big ol’ bite. I came back to find him with a tomato in hand, unwashed, and smile on his face. 
“What is in your mouth?”
“A tomato. See! I got it all by myself.”
“Son, you have to wash the tomato first. Spit that out and let me wash it for you.” Ugh, turn your head and you little boy eats a tomato that was dusted with 7 Dust. Thank God it had been raining.
Did you notice that he is also scratching his butt? 

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