24 & 25 Weeks

So, she is the size of an ear of corn at 24 weeks and a rutabaga at 25 weeks. 

My only question is how come this time around last time I could pack in food like a competitive eater and this time I can’t? It isn’t any fun. I will say that by lunch time I’m so hungry that I gorge myself to the point of discomfort, which is about an average sized helping for a girl like me. At dinnertime, I’m not hungry. The thought of eating gives me indigestion. 

The other preggie issue is dum dum dum… swelling. It has begun. I squatted at the refrigerator and my legs felt slightly tight behind the knees. This may be a grotesquely exaggerated observation on my behalf. Swelling is my pregnancy fear and nemesis. Bill Clinton would not be able to rip his eyes away from the beautiful cankles I was sporting the last time I was pregnant. It wasn’t pleasant having the skin my lower extremities stretch and fill with fluid similar to what is inside of those stress ball things. I have no idea what would prevent this ailment and if I do find a cure I am positive that I will write a book, sell it on QVC, and sell it on infomercials at 4am. 
I am pretty sure that my child is as hairy as an Ewok. The heartburn/acid reflux/lava eruptions at night is horrible. I heard once from a friend who had bad acid reflux issues… coincidentally not during her pregnancy as she showed no symptoms whatsoever and could make a fortune as a surrogate… that milk helps. For a person who is desperate, but lactose intolerant, this did indeed squelch the burn. I did hypothesize that this was a possible swelling culprit. I went through a couple gallons a week and would chug it in the middle of the night. Maybe this time it won’t be so severe. Fingers will be crossed.
Another pregnancy anomaly is my ability to do the Volcun hand salute with my toes. No, not on purpose and I was never a Star Trek fan. For some reason, this is a normal symptom of pregnancy – foot cramps. I could be on the fuzzy almost asleep state right before you drift off into sleepy town and BOOM – WTF ARE MY TOES DOING AND WHY WON’T THEY STOP – and I jump out of the bed to apply pressure or bend my toes back into normal shape. It really isn’t just the toes it is the muscle on top of my foot and when I stretch in the morning a nice charley horse is the bodily response. 
Really, this is a blessed time and I’m so happy to be a part of this process. I remember thinking the whole time last time that it was such a cool experience – and there is no sarcasm involved in me saying that. There are some woman who would love to be in my shoes, so I should stop my belly aching, but it does provide good humor at my expense. It amazes me how much I forgot all these pregnancy side effects… or possibly after giving birth the lack of sleep helps to erase it from memory. 
Only 15 more weeks!

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