Female Grooming

Do any of ya’ll have this attitude or know someone who does? The part of the person I know will be named Jennifer in order to protect her identity. 

Jennifer: A rolling of the eyes and a big sigh, “tomorrow I have to paint my toe nails, shave my legs, AND my girlie parts.”
Me with a look of shock and probably disgust: “What the hell is going on tomorrow? You got a date or something?”
Jennifer: “I have to go to my female doctor.”
Me knowing that Jennifer goes to a male OBGYN: “Do you think that painting your toe nails will keep his focus off your other parts or are you trying to impress him? Maybe you should wear a toe ring and an anklet or something.”
I am aware that most woman trim up for their girlie appointments and they should clean up. It just kind of like you should be doing this all along, so as to not have to make it a job to go to the dreaded appointment. 

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