Strawberry Shortcake is her name-O

I have decided with Brian the name of our baby. I have also decided and told Brian that I would like to keep the name to ourselves until after the baby is born. This is why…

Dinner with Brian, Boden, my mother-in-law, and me. We have just finished dinner and Boden was sitting in my lap facing me. Boden and I sometimes belly-bump and this particular evening we were enjoying some flesh to flesh boo yeah BELLY BUMP. I promise I don’t hurt him with my massive gut. This was the conversation that followed. The name of the baby has been changed to her nick name, Strawberry Shortcake, which was suggested as a name by Eva, a three-year-old.
MIL: Boden be gentile you don’t want to hurt sister.
Brian: Yeah, you don’t want to hurt Strawberry Shortcake.
MIL snaps her head to Brian with wide eyes: WHAT?! Is that her name? Her first name?
Brian assuredly: Yup, that’s her name.
Meanwhile the belly bumping has stopped and I sat watching in disbelief as he has broken the promise to keep the name to our inner family circle and my mother-in-law in questioning our decision. I had to excuse myself to get Boden in the tub and to check if there really was steam coming out of my ears. 
I decided that I would calm myself and then speak to my mother-in-law to at the very least remind her not to divulge the baby’s name to other people.
Me: We decided that we weren’t really going to tell anyone the baby’s name until after she got here.
MIL: Well, is that what you are going to name her? What will you call her? Straw? Berry? Cake?
Me not getting a word in but thinking: (What do you mean what will be call her? Like we would name her something and call her something different? Why is it hard to pronounce all the syllables in her name?)
MIL still pitching the questions: Is that her first name? middle name? Do you have a middle name?
Me still in shock, because it was extremely obvious at this point that she HATED the name Strawberry Shortcake. Stay Bruce stay Bruce. Don’t let the Hulk out. Searching for something diplomatic, so the name would not be definitive in her mind.: Well, we have some time. (smile)
MIL: Well, you really want to think about it and make sure. A name is for life. You may want to pick something that she’ll like.
Me… turning to walk away. I’m sure she mispoke and meant to say “pick something that I like”: That’s why I didn’t want to tell anyone.
Strawberry Shortcake was not brought up again, however she did mention that there was a little girl at the lake named Zoe and she thought that was cute.
This is not to complain about Brian’s slip up or the overt dislike of Strawberry Shortcake by my mother-in-law. I have learned that whatever a family decides to name their child even if it is something crazy like Pilot Inspektor, it is best to not voice an opinion. Everyone has an opinion, but I promise the pregnant lady does not want hear the opinions. 
Even if you knew a Strawberry Shortcake growing up who was a crack whore, you do not have to tell me about it. All it will do is make my chest tighten. I seriously don’t care about whether or not other people like the name, however I just don’t want to hear the comments in the intensely uncomfortable and high hormonal months leading up to the birth. 
I also owe Ashley an apology. I’m sorry for saying Eva sounds like Evil when you told me your girl name when you were pregnant. I understand that it wasn’t nice, but I do like her name very much.

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