Comments can kill

By nature I sometimes say things at the wrong time. I laugh at uncomfortable moments and sometimes this behavior ensures that I will laugh even harder. Life is too short to be so serious sometimes…
I feel I have had a good friendship with my boss. He appreciates a good sense of humor and has a good work ethic which involves working hard, but not being too serious. This is not because he isn’t serious about his job, but tries to minimize his stress level. I can totally relate to this work philosophy.

It was several months ago during my neurotic state of pregnancy that my boss and I had to go to a meeting. On the way he stopped at a convenient store and asked if I needed anything using his good manners, which I didn’t. He gets back into the truck with a Mellow Yellow and a pack of Goody’s Powders. Okay, he has a headache, which I didn’t pick up on before. 

Goody’s, I’m sure works quickly, but I would rather swallow a whole pill than to have the taste of what I would assume battery acid and baking soda to be like.

Someone obviously decided that crushed up Aspirin would absorb into your system at a faster rate given that you have to get past the bitter chalk taste. Heaven forbid you put the powder in the wrong place on your tongue. There is a process to taking the Goody’s. After you open the package of wax paper, one must place the powder at the back of the tongue and quickly drink something that will prevent tasting the rancid flavor.

He gets in the truck, rips open the package, places the powder in said appropriate section of the back of the mouth. I looked away and I say with a tone of disappointment, “I can’t believe I have to watch you do drugs.”
He throws his fist up to his mouth in a universal choking motion and jerks forward. Because I was adverting my eyes, I saw the first part in my periphery and then stared at the rest of the coughing and gasping in horror.
Oh crap. This is not a good. My jackass comment is causing the person who hired me to aspirate on a Goody’s powder. 
After a couple of swigs of Mellow Yellow and several choking coughs, his color was almost back to normal.
Once I knew he was okay, I could finally laugh. I had no idea that he was going to begin to laugh and inhale the Goody’s powder. I truly felt bad, but still couldn’t help laughing during the latter of the choking. 

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