And then there was silence and me breaking the silence

I am alive. I promise I have not fallen off a cliff, but have been waiting for a moment to scratch my ass. Another road block was the failure for my airport to work, which is Mac for wireless internet. Yes, the laziness won and the lack of being able to lay in bed, watch television, and blog among my mothering my three year old motor mouth and my giant-sized 6 month old prevented me for writing about any old thing.

For instance I could have told you about the time my son decided that he was afraid of the potty and had soiled his last pair of clean underwear and there were no more Pull Ups to be found in the house. I gathered his clothes into the washing machine after putting him in one of Olivia’s diapers. (Yes she is THAT big.) As I went to close the washer door my frustration put a little too much umph into my effort thus damaging my washing machine. That’ll teach me to clean angry.
That’s really all I can muster for now. I must be up in a few hours to tend to my giant baby girl, but for now scrrr-ATCH!

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