It is say to say that I and those around me like stupid humor. It makes life richer like adding Hershey’s chocolate syrup to your ice cream or simply squeezing a shot into your mouth when you were looking for ingredients for dinner. Lately, our (or maybe just mine) humor is taking on a 9th grade level of maturity or immaturity.

So, I dedicate this post to Steve Carell from The Office for allowing us to laugh at normal everyday innocent comments and spin them into perversion by responding with “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.”
These are a few that were told or occurred today.
1. I was meeting with some men about getting spray foam put into the attic of my house and they were explaining that their competitors were cheating on the foam. “They are only spraying in 3 inches. We do 5 inches.” TWSS! (I said it on the inside. My cheeks hurt as I fought the initial spasm of a smile trying to escape onto my face.)
2. A friend was helping her very aggravated boyfriend with docking the boat and he yelled to her to grab the pole and pull. TWSS! She then asked him what it was like to date a women with the mind of a man.
3. I was getting a cup of coffee at my favorite local coffee shop. The owner loves stupid humor too. His coffee selections are foreign selections such as Kenyan and Sumatra. The vanilla syrup I like to use I typically call “sweet.” Today I asked for a medium, sweet Asian. He started giggling, so to make things more interesting I added, “leave room for cream.” TWSS! He had to compose himself before pouring anything into the cup.

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