Choco-nom nom Oprah…

The other night I happened to come across an episode of Oprah where her whole set was made of Godiva Chocolate. It was an interesting 5 minutes of my time to watch how they made the walls, chandelier, and everything down to the logs in the chocolate fireplace to the chairs.

Don’t get me wrong it was interesting and all, but I couldn’t help noticing Oprah’s demeanor. It was like bringing an alcoholic into a liquor store. Her eyes were glossy, pupils dilated, and she was gitty about how after they were done taping she and her audience were going to eat it. She was interviewing the “designers” and had to interrupt them speaking with comments like “it smells so good.”
I wish that they would flash back to all the past footage to like the skinny Oprah wheeling out the little red wagon of fat. Really Oprah? You want to do that to yourself? Gorge yourself on all the rich chocolate?
She knows she not going to share and perhaps that’s wherein lies my problem.
I’m also not a fan of whoever dressed Oprah that show. I mean, do you have make her match the chocolate?

One thought on “Choco-nom nom Oprah…

  1. First of all, I'm quite surprised you lasted five minutes watching Oprah. It doesn't seem like your type of show. Secondly, she probably attacked the set at the close of the show like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Finally, what the hell is on her shoulders? A bit of southwestern flair?!

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