Angelic Monsters

My kids are beautiful and I love them, but I swear they are devils in sheep er uhh kids’ clothing.

My daughter has the same habits as a monkey. She enjoys being attached to her mother, she can climb and get into everything, and doesn’t understand no. She is head strong and with throw out and show out if she is mad about something. (I have no idea where she gets that behavior.) She is definitely turning out to be a force to be reckoned with and I will have to suit up for battle for the teenage years. (I love you, mom.)

My son, well if you ever need to sharpen your sales skills come on over. I should send him to DC to work for the government negotiating international deals for the US. Think Stewie from Family Guy. He doesn’t take no for an answer either, but twists the answer around until it works in his favor. He also has a memory like an elephant and this may only apply to food items. He just told me today that when we go on vacation we need granola bars with chocolate chips in them for a snack like what we took to the beach 7 months ago.

Aren’t kids fun?

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