2000 miles to Disney

Preparing for a vacation and thinking prior to it that maybe I am crazy, is not the best start. That’s what I in fact asked myself (as well as others) prior to our pilgrimage to Disney World. Driving from Indiana, to Charlotte, to Augusta, to Jacksonville, to Orlando, and back to Indiana by myself with two young children must mean I am a few knives short of a full set. And, after all the family visiting in North Carolina and Georgia we’re going to run around Disney for four days.

Well, I’ve never been known to be completely normal and Gloria Gainer was in my head the whole time.

Was it a challenge? Yes, and I believe any family vacation with small children involved will be challenging. So, my advice is to take an honest look at the situation and prep yourself, because going to Disney World is more about your children than yourself. If it was about me, then I’d be on a plane to a quiet tropical local with fine dining and spa services.

I can tell you that if you spend your time complaining that you won’t get the full effect of the Disney. Here are my observations and suggestions:

1. My son loves roller coasters and threw a fit, because the ride ended and it was someone else’s turn. Before riding any rides, he was certain that he was going to throw up, because his papa did after riding the tea cups 20+ years ago.

2. Disney Princesses give my daughter a princess high that keeps her going until the dark hours of the evening and they leave her absolutely slack jawed. I swear this made the entire trip worth it. I took an entire day to see princesses and fairies… like 2 hours in line to get 3 minutes and a couple photos. Yeah… crazy!

3. People from all over the world are there and their kids want to go back to the hotel to go swimming just like my kids. The foreign parents tell them no because they can go swimming any time, but they can’t be at Disney any time just like I tell my kids. I’m thinking me and the Tiger Mother agree on this one.

4. You cannot do everything, so just think quality over quantity. If there is a parade wave and dance to the characters. If the security guard is getting into the spirit and dancing, then certainly you can too. It also completely embarrasses your kids or they think you really know how to throw down at Disney… when in Rome.

5. Do NOT lose your photo pass. Disney has a recovery system allegedly, but they still haven’t gotten back to me.

6. Kids love the monorail and it is a great way to meet up with foreigners. One little kid even said, “hey, that little girl speaks English.” Even the tiniest Americans are so fascinating.

7. Utilize the fast pass system. This takes a little preplanning, but worth it.

8. Do NOT forget a light weight stroller. You cannot pick one up at the Orlando Target or Walmart or Walgreens or any other place that may at one time carried the cheap umbrella strollers.

9. Some of the best food is at Epcot and you can eat at so many countries… yum. Eat what you want, because you are walking miles and miles and miles and in my case carrying a 35lb two-year-old.

10. Every Disney park sells alcohol with the exception of Magic Kingdom. Um, just in case you need a little drinkypoo to take the edge off. I can speak from experience, Disney Hollywood has a fantastic margarita.

11. If you are needing a little soul straightening, pick up a book on tape for the ride home. I picked up a Joyce Meyer one on forgiveness, which was a great attitude adjustment for me while I was on I75 going 30 miles per hour. I needed to forgive a lot of people by that point.

Would I go back to Disney? Heck yeah! I’m ready to go back right now. I loved the journey. I loved that when a parade is happening that store workers run out in full costume in 90 degree heat fist pumping. It truly is a magical place and worth a huge amount of smiles from my kids.

See for yourself.

Just look at that Disney love!

One thought on “2000 miles to Disney

  1. Gotta love those smiles, of course, this is just one unbiased opinion….LOL, glad you had a great time, we are ready to go too!!!!!! We’ll let you know when we’re ready, we’ll pack you up and take you with us!!!

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