Getting older – Worry Less – Be Yourself

I recently interviewed for a marketing position. Interviewing randomly is something everyone should do regularly. Not only do you put yourself out there for other people, but it is a great a way to learn about yourself.

Rarely, do I jot down what exactly I have done with my career. For one, I’ve done so many things that I used to feel embarrassed about myself. I have since changed my mind, the jobs that I have had not only makes me a little more ballsy than others, but I realize that I am adaptable too. It doesn’t mean that I have not had success, because I have. I have worked inside sales at the Augusta Chronicle, 9th grade English teacher at an inner city school, the only female sales person at a building supply company, realtor… What kind of career path is that? Um, it’s not one, but I have had some of the best work experience of my life and would not trade it for anything. Besides, I have learned where I excel in a position.

I can honestly say that I feel more open-minded and more confident about taking on challenges at work, because of my career path. I assimilate it to traveling abroad. You are exposed to more things outside your comfort zone. So, I’ve traveled abroad in my “career” and why not turn my experiences into a positive.

That got me to thinking more about how when meeting new people we always ask “what do you do?” The answer always is your profession. Why is that? This got me to think about when I was a little girl and was given advice to “just be myself” when meeting new people. And then this whole stay at home mom thing gets all politically heated when Ann Romney was picked on by some schmuck feminist. And that got me thinking too. Why does our job, be it stay at home mother or otherwise have to be what defines us as a person. That’s absolutely stupid, it should be the other way around.

Since I am currently employed as a stay at home mom, I wrestle with the fact that I’m not working, because I felt a little like part of me was stripped away. Employment shouldn’t make me any more or less of a person: it doesn’t change my personality, values, etc. I’m still me. I just have a different routine. In all honesty, it was easier to work and take care of kids and the house. (Shout out to the SAHMs, your work is hard.)

Interviewing is similar to dating, your trying to figure out if your a good fit with the employer just as much as they are you. They asked what were three words to describe me. Since I’d decided to be me my answers were simple: sarcastic, positive, and tenacious. I believe the sarcasm set the tone for the rest of the interview, because the three people in there relaxed. It’s a marketing position, not an engineering position. We are supposed to have personality, right?

I retold some of my answers to my mother, she thought that maybe I didn’t want the job. This isn’t true, I just want my employer to like me for what I can bring to the table and that includes my stellar personality. After all, sarcasm was inherited from her. Love you, Mom!

I can be all business when need be, but I can also have fun. (photo cred. BetterThanGrits)

SF Mother


2 thoughts on “Getting older – Worry Less – Be Yourself

  1. Always love what you have to say, its witty and humorous, and even though, I personally have no children, I can relate. Your kids are great, and you should be proud of being a SAHM, but I understand the feeling and frustration of not having a professional outlet. I myself, being in a job that I am not happy in, miss being a SAHW, and your right its a hard job, even if you have no children, just being a wife is alot of work, because men are children, (LOL) but I also feel guilty if I dont have a foot the professional world so to speak. I too would use the same three words to describe myself. The very first one of course being Sarcastic.. I think I am going to take a page from your book and do random interviews, after all, like you said, like dating right? maybe I will find my fit…….thanks Rachel, once again you have inspired, see you soon

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