Market Monday – I love my Kindle

So I have an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad, and a Kindle Fire. Yes, I can read my Amazon books on my iPad, but I don’t. Okay, I do sometimes.

What seemed to be a poor choice of a Christmas present from my husband, became an awesome present. I fell in love with my Kindle. For those who are timid about switching to digital books, I understand. It is scary. There are no pages to turn or dog ear.

My Kindle has a cute pink cover.

For those who just have to have paper in hand, I was once that person. Fortunately, most e-readers are about the size of a paperback book. You can open and shut the cover if you need to go through that motion to make yourself more comfortable.

You save on gas, because you can upload a new book as soon as your finished reading the old. The store even suggests books for you. How’s that for customer service huh? You upload and get to reading in less than 30 seconds. The books are priced well and there are often free books to download to your collection. Speaking of that book collection, have you ever had to move boxes of books? A small box of books weighs about 1000 pounds. The Kindle is much lighter and most likely you won’t have to dust it very often.

Since my infatuation began, I have found that my little Kindle is so handy. Every night when Olivia is ready to go to bed and her codependency is running full-blast, I can lay in the bed and read without having to turn on a light. She even tells me to read my Kindle. I believe she likes the glow of the screen. A nice ambiance for her room. No light to disturb your child or whomever is in your bed, unless you are reading something incredibly funny and end up shaking trying not to laugh and then your convulsing so hard you end up snorting out loud. In which case, the laugh might have been quieter. By that time, well its game over if you’ve got a light sleeper next to you. I speak from experience.


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