Happy Anniversary to my boobs – Part 2

I open and close my eyes and everything is foggy and blurred except for the pain. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest. There is so much pain that I can hardly breathe and my throat is dry and a little sore. I don’t want to wake up and face the pain, but Miss Daisy is forcing me to come to. Gosh, I wish she wasn’t a senior citizen. I really hate her right now.

She leaves to go get me some pain medication. Good, I want her to leave me alone and pain medication is well needed.

She comes back and I take the pill and she gets me into a wheel chair. Its time for us to get dressed. Yes, little Miss Daisy is about to help me get dressed and she is the one pushing me in the wheel chair.

We enter a large sterile bathroom and she tells me she wants me to try to go to the bathroom. She seriously needs me to pee? My whole upper body is on fire and I haven’t eaten or drank anything since midnight of last night!

I really hate her, but I do as I’m told and sit on the potty thankful to be sitting. I don’t have to go, but nausea is coming on and fast.

“I’m going to throw up.” I tell her. My body starts to hunch over and I would cry at this point, but I was still too groggy and in a lot of pain.

Miss Daisy acts fast grabbing a small alcohol packet from somewhere, rips it open, and shoves it under my nose.

Ack! I grimace and try to swat it away. You gave me pain meds on an empty stomach Miss Daisy!

“Okay, if you don’t have to go lets go ahead and get you dressed.” she says. I believe she may be getting annoyed with my behavior.

The nausea subsides for now and she helps me into my clothes the best she can and back into the wheelchair. All I want to do is sleep until this whole thing all goes away. Childbirth was less pain than this.

The wheelchair after a breast augment might as well be a torture device: every bump Miss Daisy hits sends a shock and burn through my torso. She could barely push me into the elevator. Why don’t they have someone else do this for me other than this ancient woman?

We are downstairs and she then remembers, “Oh no. I forgot your glasses.”

I would definitely roll my eyes if they weren’t already rolling around in my head. I’m aggravated that I have to depend on Miss Daisy. And we head back into the elevator. Ugh, why does this shit always happen to me!

We get off the elevator and head down the hall. She whips me around to back me into the door and I plead with her, “just leave me in hall.” Good grief, I cannot take any more bumps and jolts to my body and she leaves and comes back with my glasses.

I open my eyes when we get outside and my husband is waiting to help load me into the truck. The truck is not a smooth ride. I do the best I can do to sit still enough to avoid pain. Telepathically, I’m tell my husband to hurry and get home.


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