Happy Anniversary… Part 3

The recovery lasted a while. The surgery was done under the muscle, so mobility was limited and painful. I could barely sit up without help at first. The day after surgery I woke up at 4am needing to go to the bathroom and had to get Brian to help me. 

I was told to keep up with my pain meds to help recover. Nothing to worry about there, I wasn’t going to miss a pill. No driving or lifting heavy items for a week: it hurt to think about moving. 

The no driving left me with relying on someone to take me to my follow up appointment. My friend Stephanie was nice enough to take me. Not wanting to defy doctors orders I took my Percocet before she got to my house. 

By the time we got out of the car the Percocet was working quite well. It was like drinking a jumbo margarita and then that oh shit I’m drunk feeling hit. From what I remember, I may have said those exact words to Stephanie on the way to the office. 

We go to the patient room for the unveiling. It was Stephanie, the medical assistant, Dr. Ewart, and drugged me. The doctor unwrapped my dressing and holy shit. I think I had the same reaction the first time I became engorged. My boobs were gigantic. I never bothered trying to look at them before then. 

Dr. Ewart said the swelling would take a while to go down. Uh, I hope they go down. This was ridiculous. 

My mouth was open looking at them in the mirror and I look over at Stephanie. Yep, pretty much the same reaction as me. Gah!

So I tell Dr. Ewart that she would be his next patient. Anything to get the attention away from my chest. 

Everything was so surreal and that was due in part to the medication. He asks if I have any questions and for some reason I think of another friend of mine that claimed that her implants would kind of squeak.

“Have you had anyone complain that they make noise?” I asked sheepishly. 

This cracks him. Ha! I have made the serious and professional doctor laugh. My work here is done. I believe the medical assistant is also laughing. I know Stephanie is. The front office could hear her horse cackling.

“No, not really.”

Hmm. “Okay.”

So, that’s it in a nutshell. There were several days of pain. It was similar to doing maybe the same number of push-ups as our national debt. I was pleased to know that not too many people outright noticed.

If you are considering doing plastic surgery, then do your research. There are many women who don’t research and have been mutilated. You also have to be detailed with your surgeon and communicate what your expectations are after surgery. 



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