For my mother…

My Mom

Thank you, Mom,

For giving me life

For loving me unconditionally even though I was a pain in the ass in my late teen years

For sacrificing for your family – working 2 jobs and taking care of kids is incredibly hard

For laying a strong moral foundation and fostering my relationship with God

For never being afraid to change your hair – because now I’m not afraid either – we’re just more creative & daring than others

For your stunning sense of humor & laugh – Your horse cackles were once embarrassing, but I learned to appreciate them

For your spirit – It may have took a lot of therapy to out, but you are quite the spunky woman and of course I like that

For being there with me during every ailment, surgery, and the birth of your two grandchildren

For being able to laugh in times of tragedy – because we both cope so well by inserting humor

For teaching me the fine art of pet teasing – that I willingly pass on to my children

For being so loving to my friends, sharing in their joys and sorrows

Thank you, Mom, for everything that you do that makes you my mother. I love you and wish you a very happy Queen’s Day, your highness! I’ll be there next week to celebrate.


Your daughter XOXO


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