Monday Market – Etsy

There is the young girl that works at the gym nursery who was crocheting a cute baby hat in the shape of an owl. You know the kind you buy, so you can hire someone to take your newborn’s photo in an owl hat nestled in a padded willow basket?

“You don’t sell them yourself on Etsy or anything like that?” I asked her.

She indicated she didn’t and she didn’t know what Etsy was. GASP! A lady pays her to make them and this lady then sells them in her boutique. What? First you tell me your leaving money on that table and now you don’t know what Etsy is?

I seriously wanted to ask if she knew about the internet, but that would be abusing her intelligence and I really wanted to encourage her inner entrepreneurial spirit. I repeated about 5 thousand times in a one minute conversation while hustling Olivia out the high heeled play shoes and back into her own shoes. “You really need to sell them on”

For those of you who are equally clueless, Etsy is kind of like an online crafty, artisan-type of super store. There are tons of hand-made little bits of everything: from adorable newborn baby hats, to one-of-a-kind art, to geekery, and more. It is a place where you can find a really special gift for a birthday present, such as a fancy-shmancy camera strap or a hand stamped necklace charm.

The best thing about Etsy is that if you are going through a lull of brain activity and are in need of inspiration they have the best media merchandising on the net. If I was knee deep in excel spreadsheets or trying to come up with an ad design, I would just go to their homepage and get a little boost of happy. They usually have a cute theme of like items all cleverly grouped like the gardening themed page above.

The other nice thing about Etsy is the personal contact with the artist or seller. When I purchased the camera strap for my bff, I sent the seller a note about how much I knew my bff would love it for her birthday. She sent me a note back thanking me for the compliment and asked if she could include a note from me and mail it with the gift. How sweet is that? It sometimes is the personal touches that make the all the difference.

I love you Etsy!

Now get shopping!


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