Weekend Recap

The kiddos and I took a trip to Augusta. My hairdresser and her firefighter fiancé got married Saturday. 

They are a young, young sweet couple. My bff, Better Than Grits, was my date, so that meant Ouiser Boudreaux and Clairee Belcher were in the house! 


Yep, those were our expressions too.

This wedding was adorable. The wedding party wore cowboy boots and they were married by the fire chaplain in a cute little country church.

Here’s the church:


We celebrated with beer in cans and pink wine right on the shore of Clarks Hill Lake. Ouiser and I got to teach the catering staff how to properly open a wine bottle. (We did not use our teeth, don’t worry.)

The father of the groom had this beautiful tear jerking speech. We were all tearing up, so we had to cope with humor. He talked about how his son needed love his new bride like Christ loves the Church and how it means that when his wife is sick he’s not supposed to go duck hunting. He is supposed to stay home and take care of his sick bride. I leaned right over and told Pearl and Ouiser that I’m going to marry the grooms dad, because when I get sick he won’t vacuum the house. My mother thought it was funny too. 

Pearl really got into the moment. She wanted to be someone’s matron of honor, so she can give a speech too. Since, Ouiser just divorced, I told her she can be Ouiser’s next matron of honor. I had that job during the previous two weddings, so I didn’t want to be stingy.

Good thing Ouiser has a sense of humor. The redneck, Irish in her could have come out and put a boot in my ass. I’m not kidding. She is not afraid. She’ll rough up a pregnant woman and argue that it doesn’t hurt the baby if you hit her in the face. 

The three of us at the wedding reception:


Ousier, just so happened to be wearing the same dress as a lady we dubbed, Nancy Reagan. Nancy would not make eye-contact with Ousier and wore a lovely scowl on her face. We weren’t sure if that was because Ousier had that same dress on as her or that the buffet line wasn’t open yet. Nancy made three trips to the buffet.

The wedding was fabulous, but we double booked our evening and headed out to a graduation party. It was a reunion of sorts being that most of us worked together at one time. There were some other people there that we probably scared a little bit. It’s one of those things where there is a whole lot of giggling and story-telling, but it is more funny to the people involved then those who are listening and they are laughing, but it may be that they were laughing at us. And just to prove how awesome we are, Grits and I tweeted a pic of our gangsta selves to Ludacris:


We decided to take it on back to the house and have a propah Southern evening of wine and Duck Dynasty. Grits had never seen it. She’s now looking forward to every Wednesday night and she may have a little beard envy. I know I do. 


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