Monday Market- Liquid Sunshine

I’m not a heavy drinker, because I try to avoid the horrible feeling that comes with too much of a good thing. There is one thing that is absolutely sunshine in a can (or bottle) to me in the summer. Some may make fun of what I lovingly call my “beer Sprite,” but this is … Continue reading

Singing with the Crickets

Some of you know that I picked my trainer, Renee, based on the fact that she had to schedule her training around two weeks where she would “live like a Kardashian.” I had no idea if she was a good trainer or not. She had a sense of humor and that was good for me. … Continue reading

Weekend Recap

The kiddos and I took a trip to Augusta. My hairdresser and her firefighter fiancé got married Saturday.  They are a young, young sweet couple. My bff, Better Than Grits, was my date, so that meant Ouiser Boudreaux and Clairee Belcher were in the house!  Yep, those were our expressions too. This wedding was adorable. … Continue reading

Driving to Augusta

I will be on my way home today. It will be an 8 hour drive with a 5 year old and 2 year old, which means I’ll need earplugs and lots of caffeine. I had to cancel my gym session with my fabulous trainer, so I’ll make up for my calorie burning with 8 hours … Continue reading

Monday Market – Etsy

There is the young girl that works at the gym nursery who was crocheting a cute baby hat in the shape of an owl. You know the kind you buy, so you can hire someone to take your newborn’s photo in an owl hat nestled in a padded willow basket? “You don’t sell them yourself … Continue reading

For my mother…

Thank you, Mom, For giving me life For loving me unconditionally even though I was a pain in the ass in my late teen years For sacrificing for your family – working 2 jobs and taking care of kids is incredibly hard For laying a strong moral foundation and fostering my relationship with God For … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary… Part 3

The recovery lasted a while. The surgery was done under the muscle, so mobility was limited and painful. I could barely sit up without help at first. The day after surgery I woke up at 4am needing to go to the bathroom and had to get Brian to help me.  I was told to keep … Continue reading

Monday… er (Tuesday)… Market: Clorox Green Works

I love Clorox bleach. You can use it for almost everything and it gives you supreme confidence that it is germ free. The smell however… it stings the nostrils. And the fact that you just can’t go Cloroxing every little thing, because it is so strong limits its cleaning powers. Enter Green Works, a natural … Continue reading